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Characteristic and Application of H Series Right Angle Gear Box

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Characteristic and Application of H Series Right Angle Gear Box

H series right angle gear box can transfer the power of the horizontal shaft of the prime mover to the vertical pump shaft. It has the characteristics of economy, high efficiency, space saving and suitable for various climatic conditions.

H series right angle gear box is directly matched with diesel engine, horizontal motor or steam turbine. It is used for transmission and speed of vertical long axis fire pump, deep well pump, inclined flow pump, axial flow pump, submerged pump and other pumps. It can also be used for right angle transmission and speed change of various vertical axis machinery. H series right-angle gearbox can directly bear the possible axial force of working machinery, simplifying the structure of working machinery. It can be widely used in the fields of farmland irrigation, water conservancy engineering, municipal engineering, metallurgical mine, petrochemical industry, fire protection and marine engineering.

Various models and transmission ratios can meet the requirements of high and low speed prime movers and pumps.

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