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The vertical turbine pump

What is a vertical turbine pump?

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What is a vertical turbine pump?

A vertical turbine pump is a specialized centrifugal pump that moves water from deep underground sources like wells or reservoirs. Unlike a submersible pump, which is another type of turbine pump, a vertical turbine pump gets power from a motor that’s located above ground and connected with a vertical shaft to impellers underground.

Vertical turbine pumps are used in situations where submersible pumps can’t be used, or where flow is higher than the range of turbines. They’re commonly used in wells used in turf or agricultural irrigation, but you’ll also find them in municipalities that rely on groundwater instead of surface water. Other applications include plant makeup water and fire water for industrial facilities.

When selecting vertical turbine pumps for your applications, make sure your pumps are appropriately sized for the drinking water demands of the community. If you’re moving high volumes of treated water, always choose a high-service pump to keep up with demand.

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