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vertically sump pump

Vertical cantilever sump pumps

Vertical  cantilever sump pumps

non-clogging vertical cantilever sump pumps are used for demanding industrial sump pump applications involving large solids containing liquid and slurry. These pumps ensure process reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs.

Main benefits
  • Long and trusted experience in all industrial segments

  • Excellent performance

  • Exceeds standard requirements of international ISO 5199 standard

  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial sump pump applications

  • Unique and superior design features minimize life-cycle costs

Main applications
  • Large solids containing liquids in low sump pump applications

  • Large solids containing fibrous slurries in low sump pump applications

Vertical  cantilever sump pumps

Main design features

  • Versatile, reliable, high-efficiency hydraulics and material options

  • No shaft seal for reliable operation and reduced cost

  • Reliable, simplified, heavy-duty bearing unit

  • Modular design minimizes the spare part inventory costs

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